Join DIAFA LIGHT UP NAIJA INITIATIVE and save over 100 million Nigerians living in darkness, entrenched in LIGHT POVERTY.

YES WE CAN! Join the initiative.

Let us light up 30,000 businesses and homes by December, 2016.

Why you should donate through DIAFA SOLAR ENERGY SUPPORT?

  • DIAFA is run by highly skilled professionals who do not depend on DIAFA for their livelihood.
  • We have little to NIL administrative costs and all your money goes directly for the end users’ benefit.
  • We will reach out to specific persons or villages as required by you anywhere in Nigeria.
  • We will give you proofs of persons and people to whom we have given support on your behalf.

How do we identify whom to give the Solar Support?

There are three categories of people:

  • Those who can afford and are ready to pay the full amount directly.
  • Those who can only pay money in small installments
  • Those who just cannot pay as their daily income is so low that they can barely eat food.

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January 5, 2016

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