How do we identify whom to give the Solar Support?

There are three categories of people:

  • Those who can afford and are ready to pay the full amount directly.
  • Those who can only pay money in small installments
  • Those who just cannot pay as their daily income is so low that they can barely eat food.

The first category of people helps us to propagate the concept in the villages. Many people are initially skeptical whether the lighting system really works or whether it is a marketing trick. Once they see the light installed and working in their own village homes they get convinced. It is at this point that the second category of people comes forward. The installment amount is decided based on the ability of the person to pay. There are no fixed rules for this. As of now no extra interest is being charged for payment in installments.

For the last category of people charity seems to be the only way. We are still trying to figure out if a really tiny installment mechanism can work out. However it is this category of people which are often left out and they really need the support. Our objective is to reach out to these people and make a difference in their lives and give them hope.